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The RapiPlex point of care platform technology is available for acquisition, license or co-development

RapiPlex is a point of care in vitro diagnostic platform unlike any other on the market. RapiPlex can perform up to six separate analyses simultaneously on a single sample and provide results in as little as five minutes. RapiPlex integrates an assay disposable and a fluorescence reader to provide a numerical read-out, which does not require user interpretation. Compact and easy to operate, RapiPlex is ideally suited for point of care testing in a variety of application areas; in the hospital, physician’s office, clinic, or in the field. The flexibility and configurability of RapiPlex make RapiPlex your ideal point of care solution.

RapiPlex—Key Features

* Independent Unique Intellectual Property;
* Multiple analytes on one platform—up to six different analytes simultaneously;
* Accurate—quantitative and/or qualitative, highly sensitive fluorescence read out;
* Rapid—results in as little as five minutes;
* Cost—low material cost;
* Multiple biological samples—whole blood, serum, plasma, saliva, urine, milk;
* All immunoassay formats—competitive and sandwich;
* Easy to use—automated analysis, designed for CLIA wavier, Portable;
* Multiple connectivity options—Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB;
* On board results printer;
* Flexible configuration—connection to LIMS.

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