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Enteric coated multilayered particles
Multilayered nano or microparticles can be manufactured easily using microjet reactor technology either in a single step or by cascading microjet reactor systems. In addition to the benefits that pH-sensitive, enteric coated particles show, enteric coated multi layer particles provide more advantages in oral dug delivery. Extended residence time due to adherence to mucus and improved permeability due to permeability enhancement are achieved by using mucoadhesive polymers. It is of crucial importance that multi-layer nano- and microparticles can build the basis for complex drug delivery systems. It simply gives opportunity of bringing a drug at a lower dosage into the body so that it can automatically find the location of the disease in the body and produce its effect only there, without having harmful side effects on surrounding healthy tissue.
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About MJR PharmJet GmbH
Our company has been working on the development of methods for the production of nano- and microparticles in microjet reactor with partners from different areas for several years. This leads to superior approaches, such as combination of polymers (e.g. pharmaceutical agents) with different substances (e.g. drugs) in a single nano- or microparticle and the statistical design of experiments to efficiently develop and manufacture of highly specialized and customized particles with a low experimental effort.
Our product portfolio ranges from contract research to marketing of own formulation strategies and products. Our product offers extend up to construction and sale of microjet reactor plants.

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