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pH-sensitive enteric-coated particles
With this formulation approach any drug molecule can be embedded in an excipient matrix. Moreover, a variety of different pharmaceutical excipients can be considered for the enteric coating of the particles.
In addition to the better and faster solubility of the drug many important advantages can be realized with the selection of a proper excipient. Manufactured particles are resistant to low pH which results in delivery of particles to the intestinal tract without previously releasing the active ingredient. Depending on the choice of the polymer the drug will than be released at different parts of the intestines depending on the local pH value. Above all there the biological molecules such as peptides and proteins are here to call, for which until now the administration by intravenous infusion is the standard method.
In conclusion the advantages of such a delivery system are:
-Enteric coated particles which do not release the active ingredient in low pH values preventing the precipitation of drug substance in the stomach,
-Better and faster dissolution compared to the native substance in higher pHs,
-Increased bioavailability,
-Lowered drug dosis,
-Elimination of fed/fasted state variability.
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About MJR PharmJet GmbH
Our company has been working on the development of methods for the production of nano- and microparticles in microjet reactor with partners from different areas for several years. This leads to superior approaches, such as combination of polymers (e.g. pharmaceutical agents) with different substances (e.g. drugs) in a single nano- or microparticle and the statistical design of experiments to efficiently develop and manufacture of highly specialized and customized particles with a low experimental effort.
Our product portfolio ranges from contract research to marketing of own formulation strategies and products. Our product offers extend up to construction and sale of microjet reactor plants.

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