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INSCX Grade Materials Contract Specifications (Products)
INSCX exchange lists ECMS (Exchange Contract Materials Specifications) and is until 27th October 2010 accepting evaluation to formally list Supplier Grade PCMS (Principal Contract Materials Specifications) in accredited, compliant and validated nanomaterials.

Contracts are based on the following Thematic Class Categories;

Mixed Metals
Metal Oxides
Meta Materials
IP Derivatives

Full details are available from the exchange website.

Formal contract specifications clarifying Material and Financial particulars will be listed for trade in a preliminary offering of Contracts (Products) based on the following Thematic Class Categories of materials;

Thematic Class: Carbons. Materials listed Carbon Black (Various Grades), Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (Conducting/Non-Conducting) Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (Conducting/Non-Conducting), Fullerenes (C60/C70), Graphene Platelets.
Thematic Class: Catalysis. Material Listed - Cerium Oxide.
Thematic Class: Ceramics. Materials Listed – Nanoclays (Various Grades)
Thematic Class: Metal Oxides. Materials Listed - TI02, Zinc Oxide.
Thematic Class: Mixed Metals. Materials Listed – Rare Earth Metals, Metal Powders (Various), Nanogold, Nanosilver.
Thematic Class: Photonics. Materials listed – Quantum Dots (Various), OLEDs, PLEDs, WLEDs.
Functioning: Dispersion (Generic Water/Solvent Based).
Nano-Enabled: Contracts specifications for classes of nanocommodities including Nano-Bulk Polymers and Nanostructured Metals will be included for listing in the preliminary series of INSCX Grade Contract specifications.

Development: Additional contract specifications according to all eleven Thematic Classes notified on an on-going basis.

Permitted Trades - INSCX Grade: Cash (Spot), Forward (Future), Traditional option (March, June, September, December expiry)

Features: Syndicated fill. Trade finance. Intellectual property provision. Trade integrity. Certified Material Quality.

Reporting: All bargains executed in INSCX Grade ECMS contracts to be reported under exchange 90 second rules via Broker nominee listing particulars of contract, price, volume, time of trade, country of origin/destination.

Supplier Grades: Applications by individual and/or collective nanomaterials suppliers to list Supplier Grades (Principal Contract Materials Specifications [PCMS]) qualifying for exchange supports are to be registered with the exchange listing committee on or before the close of business 5pm GMT 27th October 2010.

Filing of applications to be forwarded to;


Registration: To use exchange facilities for sourcing and/or supply organisations must first register with the exchange completing a Preliminary Registration Questionnaire (PRQ) available for download from the exchange website or via request to;


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Integrated Nano-Science & Commodity Exchange (INSCX exchange)
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Homepage: http://www.inscx.com

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