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Aerosol Chemical Vapor Deposition System
Enclosed is a short description of the Aerosol-CVD- equipment with the most important information about the different possibilities of synthesis of different carbon nanotubes.

By using the Aerosol-CVD equipment and the floating method different kinds of carbon nanotubes (single- and multi-walled) can be synthesised in the gramm-scale. The choice of precursors (hydrocarbons and their derivates ,e.g. heptane, hexane, acetonitrile, dichlorbenzene, benzene, cyclohexane), the so- called metal-organic compounds (preferably metallocenes of iron, cobalt, nickel), the selected reaction temperature (between 700 and 1000°C), the transport gas flow (argon and/or nitrogen) and the aerosol frequency (drop size) decide on the quality of the carbon nanotubes, respectively.
A doping with nitrogen can be realised by using a nitrogen- containing hydrocarbon, e.g. Acetonitrile.

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