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Hielscher ultrasonic devices: Ultrasonic trials can be scaled linear
Hielscher ultrasonic equipment is being used in the manufacturing of paint, ink and coatings for processes, such as dispersing, homogenising and deagglomeration.

Furthermore, Hielscher ultrasonic equipment offers capability for the reduction of primary particles, eg grinding and milling.

In particular for fine particles from several 100 micron down to sub-micron size, ultrasonic cavitation is a very efficient alternative for the milling and dispersing of pigments, such as metal oxides, organic crystals or carbon black, says the company.

Ultrasonic reactors are simple to clean and allow for the processing of high concentrations and high viscosities, such as polymers or epoxy resin.

Bench top equipment is available for rental at good conditions to run process trials.

Results of such trials can be scaled linear to production level, says the company - reducing the risk and costs involved in the process development.

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