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Hielscher Ultrasonics: 1000W ultrasound for process research
Pack for R&D, pilot scale and small production level for all ultrasonic liquid processes, such as homogenising, emulsifying, dispersing, cell disruption and particle size reduction

Hielscher offers an ultrasonic test set that includes all items required for the research and optimisation of ultrasonic liquid processes.

It combines a powerful, 1000W ultrasonic processor with a robust stainless steel flow cell, two sonotrodes, boosters and a versatile power meter so that users can vary all parameters important to ultrasonic liquid processes.

This set is said to be the perfect pack for R and D, pilot scale and small production level for all ultrasonic liquid processes, such as homogenising, emulsifying, dispersing, cell disruption and particle size reduction (eg, nano-sizing).

The 1000W power is sufficient for flow rates of up to 20 litres per minute, depending on the process.

The UIP1000 is an industrial grade device that is installed in several hundred systems world wide.

It is very easy to operate so that units can be up and running within minutes.

Its amplitude control feature maintains a constant amplitude under all load conditions.

This gives reproducible operation conditions.

The amplitude can be caried electronically and mechanically, so users can process liquid at amplitudes from 1 to approximately 50 microns.

If required, it can be operated on a 24/7 basis.

Further, the stainless steel flow cell to can be pressurised up to 4bar.

Therefore, a manual valve is supplied at the exit of the flow cell, to allow increasing of the back pressure.

The pressure gauge at the flow cell will display the actual pressure in the flow cell.

This unit can be easily integrated into existing liquid circulations.

The UIP1000 is simple to use, says Hielscher.

Once the equipment is hooked up and the device is switched on, it is ready to work with.

There is said to be no easier way to explore the potential of ultrasound and cavitation for a product and process.

All results obtained with this unit can be easily scaled-up.

Hielscher has supplied several clusters of up to 80kW total power worldwide for all kind of liquid processes already.

Hielscher designs, manufactures and distributes ultrasonic processors of up to 16,000W individual power that can form clusters of any total size required.

This allows buyers to implement results into production level at low investment and maintenance costs.

In order to facilitate the first step in research and upscaling, Hielscher offers this complete pack at a special price, saving 15%.

This offer includes the following:.

1 - One ultrasonic processor UIP1000, industrial ultrasonic processor, 1000W, frequency 20kHz, automatic frequency scanning system, amplitude adjustable 20-100%, generator and transducer housed separately, 4m connection cable, for steady state, dry running protected, easy to operate, no cooling media such as water or compressed air required, available as 230V (single phase) or 110V (single phase).

2 - One flow cell D100L1-1S, flow cell made of stainless steel, for one ultrasonic processor, without cooling jacket, with wall mounted, analogue pressure gauge and manual ball valve with tube connector at outlet, for pressures of up to to 4.0 bars (60psi) above ambient.

3 - Two sonotrodes with flange BS20d34 and BS20d55, sonotrodes made of titanium, tip diameter 34mm and 55mm with oscillation free flange FLA100, for mounting to flow cell D100L1-1S.

4 - Two booster horns BO-1.5 and BO-2.0, for variation and adaptation of the amplitude to the liquid characteristics and process requirements.

5 - One PowMet power meter, a versatile meter for display of current power, cumulated energy and cumulated operation time, available as 230V (single phase) or 110V (single phase), can be used with any single phase device.

6 - Complete tools and manual.

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