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SX 100
Electron Probe Micro Analyzer for Materials & Geosciences

Combining advanced electron optics, state-of-the-art spectrometer design and dedicated software, the CAMECA SX 100 performs high accuracy qualitative and quantitative chemical microanalysis in geochemistry, mineralogy, geochronology, physical and nuclear metallurgy, material sciences (including cements, glass, ceramics …), biochemistry, microelectronics…

An Optimized electron column
The SX 100 is equipped with a versatile electron gun compatible with W and LaB6. The beam current is continuously regulated, achieving a stability of 0.3% per 12 hours, thus enabling reliable long term quantitative analyses. The high voltage system operates at up to 40 kV for elements with high atomic number. High intensity beam currents (several µA) may be used for trace element measurements and high speed X-ray mapping.

The finest Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometers (WDS):
Quantitative x-ray mapping in carburized steelWavelength Dispersive Spectrometry is acknowledged as the method of choice for high precision quantitative analysis. Up to 5 WDS spectrometers, plus one energy dispersive spectrometer EDS, may be fitted to the SX 100 microprobe. Optical encoders ensure the accurate positioning of the spectrometers which may be mounted vertically for flat and polished specimens or may be inclined for rough specimens. High sensitivity crystals allow a nearly 3-fold increase in count rate while maintaining peak to background ratio and spectral resolution, and keeping the full spectrometer analysis range.

A fully integrated optical microscope:
Using a CCD camera, opaque specimens are viewed in reflected light while thin sections are imaged in transmitted light. The Field Of View of the optical image is continuously variable from 250 to 1700 µm thanks to a motorized lens. An autofocus system guarantees that the specimen surface returns to the correctly focused position at any time.

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