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NanoSIMS 50
SIMS Microprobe for Isotopic and Trace Element Analysis at High Spatial Resolution

The CAMECA NanoSIMS is a unique ion microprobe providing multicollection of up to seven masses and 50nm lateral resolution. It is used for isotopic or elemental analysis and mapping of sub-micron features.

The NanoSIMS 50 delivers simultaneously several key performances that can only be obtained individually with any other known instrument or technique:
- High analysis spatial resolution (down to 50 nanometers),
- High sensitivity (ppm in element imaging),
- High Mass Resolution (M/dM),
- Parallel acquisition (up to seven masses),
- Fast acquisition (DC mode, not pulsed),
- Analysis of electrically insulating samples without problem.
And thanks to recent improvements, isotope ratio reproducibility of a few tenths of permil can now be achieved.

Extended field of appplications: Microbiology, Cell biology, Geology, Space cciences, Material research...

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