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Gannen-XM - ultra precision tactile probe
Gannen XM: measuring MEMS and micro components

The Gannen XM is the second probing system in our Gannen series of precision 3D tactile scanning probes. The system is optimized for true 3D measurements on micro components and MEMS is delivered with probing tips down to 50 micrometers in diameter.

For optimum measurement behavior and to prevent damaging the work piece, the probing forces with the Gannen-XM are in the micro-Newton range, with a stiffness at the probe tip down to 10 N/m. Both the mechanical and electrical coupling of the Gannen-XM is fully compatible with the Gannen-XP.

Micro spherical tips for use with the Gannen probe

The Gannen probe can be supplied with tip diameters down to 50 micrometer in diameter. Tip diameters of 120 micrometer or larger are available in a wide variety of materials, including sapphire, ruby and silicon nitride. The smaller tips are custom made using in-house EDM facilities.

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