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Photonic Professional - True 3D Laser Lithography System
Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional is an easy-to-operate laser lithography system, allowing for true three-dimensional nanostructures in numerous commercially available photoresists like SU-8, Chalcogenide Glass, Ormocere, PDMS, AZ-MiR-701, AR-P-3120 and AZ-5214.

Designed for the high demands of three-dimensional photonic crystal structures, the instrument is also your first choice for various fields of applications, like photonic crystals, metamaterials, micro-optical devices, integrated optics for lasers, micro-fluidic circuitry, lab-on-a-chip systems for development and analysis of substances, three-dimensional extra cellular matrices for stem cell differentiation, cell growth studies and tissue engineering, mask manufacturing and rapid prototyping for the examination of Gecko and Lotus effect.

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