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Eco-fabric Knee Guard
Greenyarn knee guards feature fine gauge densely knitted 200 needle count knitting and our trademark Eco-fabric.

Greenyarn knee guards are comfortable to wear and does not restrict blood flow. They containing a high percentage of Eco-fabric. They are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, deodorizing, absorbs and emits far-infrared radiation, thermal regulating, prevents static build up. Far infrared radiation can improve blood circulation and help metabolism. Featuring fine gauge 200 needle count stitching, these products have towel like comfort that absorb and disperses sweat fast.

Many who use these knee guards wear them at work as they protect the knees, keeping skin temperature stable, hence preventing rough and course knees. They also help relax the joints and keep the joints warm.

The other users of these socks include the people who suffer from joint pains, as these knee guards are known to reduce the arthritis and other joint pains significantly.

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