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Eco-Fabric Polo Shirt
Greenyarn is starting a new range of casual wear apparel. Using the feedback from valued customers, Greenyarn has developed a tight weave mesh fabric, using 60% Eco-fabric yarn and 40% colored, dry-fit polyester yarn. A flat-locked construction, using this super-light, soft and wicking fabric, this athletic short sleeve crew is both comfortable and quick-drying.

Though soft and light, these shirts are durable and keeps the body cool on hot days, and is suitable indoors and out on the golf course. The fabric is light and breathable, keeping the wearer cool and dry even in rising humidity. The shirts are also antibacterial, deodorizing, absorbs and emits far infrared energy. They do not generate static electricity and are washable. These traits come from the bamboo charcoal particles are embedded in the fiber, rather than simply coated, and as such they will not wash out after repeated washes. No artificial chemicals are used.

There is strict quality assurance on these products and no dyes are added during manufacturing. Fabric is made with colored yarns, a process which is more sustainable than dyeing. Our products are regularly tested in labs for consistent quality.

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