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Greenfeet Insole
At Greenyarn, our mission is to offer revolutionary and quality fabric for consumers seeking new, eco-friendly alternatives to conventional materials. Towards this we use a new an improved material: Poliyou in our insoles to bring you Green Feet 2 - the most advanced insoles in the world.
Space Age Materials
The perfect insole admits air, drains moisture, and fights microbes. Durable enough for athletes, yet comfortable enough for daily wear. To meet these needs, Greenyarn uses two of the latest and most advanced materials in the world - Eco-fabric and Poliyou.

Poliyou is an advanced polymer made to replace conventional EVA Foam. Created in a special foaming process, it is stronger, lighter, and highly reathable. It has the following properties:
? Open cell structure: 95% ventilation effectiveness
? Moisture absorbing, quick drying
? Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
? Eco-friendly: excess materials are reusable.

Eco-fabric is a nanotech fiber made with embedded nano-particles of bamboo charcoal. This gives the fiber the properties of bamboo charcoal, making it:
? Antibacterial and antifungal
? Deodorizing
? Anti-static
? Absorbs and emits far infrared radiation for better blood circulation and metabolism
? Environmentally friendly

Greenyarn LLC
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