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MiniCeM / MiniCeM grid

The cell chamber MiniCeM® is fabricated for microscopy in cell biology, biotechnology and medicine. In particular, high-resolution live cell imaging is possible over an extended period of time.

MiniCeM® enables:

upright and inverted high-resolution transmission, reflectance and fluorescence microscopy
optical micromanipulation with laser tweezers
sterile transfer of living cells and tissues
growth of cell cultures in the chamber
introduction of biological material, medium and chemicals with standard medical syringes/needles

outer chamber diameter: 65 mm
observation surface: 300 - 700 mm²
cartridge volume: approximately 3 ml
silicone ring: translucent, non-toxic, gas-permeable
material of the chamber proper: glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene
glass window for observation: diameter 40 mm, 0.17 mm thick borosilicate glass

MiniCeM® grid:

MiniCeM® with engraved numbered grid in glass window for comfortable relocation of manipulated cells after days of treatment
size of labeled field: approximately 13 × 13 mm
number of labeled fields: 200
labelling: 1 to 200
size of each labelled field: approximately 700 µm × 700 µm
The chamber consists of a round plastic fitting and a cover as well as a exchangeable inner chamber. The two components of the chamber proper are connected by means of bayonet fitting, enabling rapid change of the internal chamber set.

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