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FEMTOOPTICS™ is FEMTOLASERS new brand for optical components, established to address the particular needs of the ultrafast laser community.
FEMTOOPTICS™ is the premiere line of optical components which really supports you to fully exploit the capabilities of our ultrafast lasers and covers the full beam bath - from the laser source to the target, from generation to detection.

A big buzz has started recently around ultrafast laser science and applications. Accurate light delivery and dispersion management are by now essential prerequisites in any femtosecond laser application, and even more so when it comes to nano-optics, nano-technology, and bio-nano applications. Broadband, low dispersion optical components are needed for manipulating femtosecond pulses. More often than not, these requirements go far beyond the capabilities of standard optical components.

FEMTOOPTICS™ is the premiere product family specifically optimized for femtosecond laser pulse manipulation. I consists of innovative, high-quality, easy-to-use, cutting-edge optical components and assemblies with exceptional support and service for industrial and research applications across the world. FEMTOOTICS™ offers transmission optics introducing as little as possible material dispersion, AR-coatings with ultra broad bandwidth, metallic mirrors combined with low dispersion dielectric overcoatings. Focusing optics and waveplates are optimized both in terms of group delay dispersion and chromatic aberrations.

Dr. Gabriel Tempea, Product Manager

FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH
Fernkorngasse 10
1100 Vienna ()
Homepage: http://www.femtolasers.com

Dr. Lisowski Martin
Phone: 0043 1 503 7002-0
Fax: 0043 1 503 7002-99