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The EdgeMaster is an optical 3D measurement device for the fast and accurate measurement of cutting edges. Critical dimensions such as radii and angles are measured fast, robustly and without wear. Based on the technology of Focus Variation radii >3µm are measured with a vertical resolution of up to 10nm.

The EdgeMaster meets the growing requirements of quality assurance in tool and mold making. The geometry of cutting edges is a decisive factor in terms of feed rates, durability and machining properties in all drilling and milling operations. The EdgeMaster is the first measurement device that achieves the accurate measurement of those critical dimensions in such a simple and robust way. The system can be used in a production near environment by semi skilled technicians. All measurements are free from operator error as exact sample positioning is not required. Extended measurement capabilities allow the evaluation of tolerances, variance analysis and symmetric measurements compared to the original CAD model. Dimensional measurements as well as the measurement of edge chips provide meaningful wear analysis.

The traceable and calibrated measurement system is used for

optical measurement of radii and angles
detection and measurement of edge chips
high resolution measurement even on different surface finishes with strong reflections
angle measurement down to 20°
wear analysis
evaluation of symmetry

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