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InfiniteFocus is an optical 3D measurement device for quality assurance in the micro- and nano range. It provides all functionalities for dimensional measurements, surface analysis and characterization. Geometries with steep flanks, highly reflective properties and strong roughness are measured with a vertical resolution up to 10nm, making the instrument ideal for surface study of both homogeneous and compound materials. 3D Measurements are performed directly in the optical image.
Its operating principle combines the small depth of focus of an optical system with vertical scanning to provide topographical and colour information from the variation of focus.
Novel and unique algorithms reconstruct this into a single 3D data set with accurate topographical information. Traceable calibration standards allow the verification of measurement results. The instrument can be used in both the laboratory and during production, it can also be operated by semi skilled technicians where required. Automation of functions and analysis can also be added to make the instrument useable for the majority of surface metrology and inspection requirements.

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