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Glass Keyboard IMPAtouch - the innovation for the membrane keyboard
Glass Keyboard IMPAtouch the controllable glass - patented capacitive sensor technique on glass.

A perfect solution out of one hand:
- glass manufacturing
- electronics development
- mounting assemblies

Fields of applications:
- displays and appliance industrie
- house automation, medical technology, machine building
- security-relevant objects

- glass serves as basic material for the electronics
- application of ceramic laquer via screen printing on the rear side
- screen printing of conductive path with silver paste
- annealing and tempering in one step
- mounting of the electronic devices directly on glass

Mechanical and constructive advantages:
- scratch-resistant surface and high mechanical strength
- suitable for outdoor application (UV- and temperature-resistant)
- easy to clean (allergy-free and hygienic)

Ecological advantages:
- economisation of energy during manufactoring process
- high life span – there is no material wear

- realisation of high-grade and individual designs (logos, operator areas etc.)
- possibility to design the surface area operationorientated (fingerholes, sliders, braille)

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