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The Nanosurf Nanite
Your Automated AFM for Industry and Research

The Nanosurf Nanite’s automation capabilities and efficiency allow hundreds of batch-programmable sample measurements to be performed without having to be present during measurements and without any prior SPM knowledgeor or specialist nano-training, thereby significantly reducing labor cost and training time, and allowing routine measurements to be delegated to technicians. It will make nano-surface analysis the new industry quality control standard.

Key Features & Benefits

- Ease-of-use: Short learning curve.
- Compact design: Needs little space.
- Mountable: Integrate into your QC equipment.
- Automated measurements: Real walk away time.
- Robust: Ruggedly built to last in harsh environments.
- Advanced nano-microscopy: Outperform your competitors in QC.
- Enhancement: Upgrade your Nanite system with the “Signal Module A” for unlimited analysis possibilities.
- One system, two technologies: (1) Standard cantilever: Multiple measuring modes. (2) A-Probe technology: Quickest probe exchange ever.

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