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Aqueous dispersion of Fe(0) nanoparticles with special patented surface modification which is based on combination of a biodegradable organic and inorganic stabilizer. Due to the narrow size distribution of nanoparticles and sophisticated stabilization process, the product exhibits not only a high reactivity with a large scale of pollutants, but also very low degree of agglomeration, which implies for excellent migration and sedimentation properties. It is designed especially for the application in the reduction technologies of treatments of contaminated underground waters. The product is stored and delivered in the form of aqueous dispersions. Packing 1, 25 and 50 kg.

NOTICE: After ca 2 months since the date of production, NANOFER 25S is converted from ca 20 - 25% Fe(0) to Fe3O4. It therefore means that the Fe(0) concentration decreases from 17% to ca 13%. Therefore, in case of this material the most effective pollutant removal is achieved when the product is used within first two weeks after the date of production.

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