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Atomic Force Microscope NanoWizard II JPK Instruments
Best AFM performance

* AFM measurements work at the first shot
* Measuring single molecules demands highest resolution in imaging and force measurements, particularly in fluids
* Long-term experiments demand the utmost stability and zero drift - an ideal closed-loop scanner is essential

Easy and safe operation with liquids

* Working in liquids demands that no sensitive parts be positioned below the sample level - a sample scanning approach is not suitable

Uncompromizing integration with optical microscopy

* Biologial samples require optical contrast enhancement methods like phase contrast and DIC - a real optical condensor is needed
* Fluorescence techniques such as TIRF, FRET, FCS, FRAP, FLIM, Ca2+ response, and laser scanning microscopy require that the sample does not scan - only a tip-scanning AFM can provide this.
* The AFM and optical microscope must be software integrated and without interference - optical filters and an infrared light source allow truly simultaneous operation


* Optimum results for all different applications, i.e., a large scan range, but also the highest resolution
* Electronics, hardware and software must allow user- defined experiments and integration with external equipment, e.g., electronical or optical devices
* The entire spectrum of AFM modes and a comprehensive range of accessories, e.g. for environmental control

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