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Liquid Handling System Nano-Plotter
The Nano-PlotterTM family is ideal to generate high-quality spots by non-contact microdispensing of sub-nanoliter volumes. The versatile “drop on demand” piezo technology allows the placement of very small drops onto various surfaces, but also the mixing of samples into pre-filled cavities to run nano-assays. The compact instruments are your ideal companion for the development and production of biochips and for many other liquid handling tasks.

Key Benefits

* Small footprint
* Quiet yet quick operation
* Excellent spot quality
* No contact between pipette and target surface, i.e., no scratching
* Variation of spot volumes/sizes by changing the drop count (from ~ 100 picoliters)
* High reproducibility and low CV between spots
* Arbitrary spot patterns with arbitrary printhead configurations
* Almost unlimited number of spots with a single pipette load
* Can handle many different sample types
* Less impact on sensitive samples (like protein solutions)
* Standard liquid handling possible using “passive” tips
* Modular design for easy after-sales upgrades

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