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Cantisens® Tipless Cantilever Arrays
Concentris offers high quality tipless cantilever arrays for sensor applications. Silicon arrays are available in different geometries, either with or without gold coating. Precision manufacturing assures extremely high product accuracy and excellent mechanical properties. Variations of less than 1% between cantilevers on a single array are typical - a key for reliable and reproducible experiments.

Static mode cantilever arrays with a nominal thickness of 1 micron are ideally suited for all applications, where extremely small forces have to be detected, such as in chemical and biochemical sensing or nano-calorimetry.

Dynamic mode cantilever arrays with a nominal thickness of 7 micron are designed for the detection of small mass changes on the cantilever surface through measurung the changes in resonance frequency.

High sensitivity cantilever arrays have a nominal thickness of 500nm only for highest sensitivity when measuring forces or surface stress.

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