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Cantisens® FU-401 Cantilever Functionalization Unit
With the Cantisens® FU-401, Concentris offers a fast and easy way to functionalise cantilever arrays or cantilever tips with proven capillary technique. Using a precision micromanipulator, the cantilevers are inserted into glass capillaries, which are filled with the functionalisation liquid. Up to four cantilevers can be functionalised simultaneously.

Cantilever functionalisation based on capillary technology is routinely used by leading research groups. Successful applications include surface functionalisation of gold coated cantilevers with self-assembled monolayers of a wide variety of biomolecules such as single-stranded DNA or proteins.

Concentris GmbH
Davidsbodenstrasse 63
4056 Basel (Schweiz)
Homepage: http://www.concentris.com