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Cantisens® Research CSR-801 Cantilever Sensor Platform
Cantisens Research CSR-801 is the state-of-the-art cantilever sensor platform for measurements in liquids and the development of new cantilever sensor based bio-assays and cantilever biosensors.

The instrument offers eight channel label-free sensing, user-controlled liquid flow rates and a precise temperature control. The patented liquid cell has a volume of only 5µl.

Find out what people have achieved with cantilever sensors in the fields of cantilever biosensors, cantilever chemical sensors or cantilever sensors for materials sciences by following the respective link, or read scientifc reviews and overviews about cantilever sensors.

Concentris GmbH
Davidsbodenstrasse 63
4056 Basel (Schweiz)
Homepage: http://www.concentris.com