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VITO nanotech activities
Development of nanostructured materials and surfaces in various nanotech areas including:
- multifunctional surfaces and particles,
- biofunctional devices,
- nano-strengthened structural materials,
- ultraporous host media,
- nanofiltration membranes, etc..

Analysis and characterisation tools at the micro- and nano scale such as:
- nano-indentation,
- scanning probe microscope,
- XPS,

Monitoring engineered nano-particles in occupational settings, including:
- measurement of multiple nanoparticle characteristics,
- gaining insight in the pathway of nanoparticles traveling from source to receptor,
- comparing different surface area measurement techniques.

The effects of pollution and chemicals on men and the environment are studied in order to provide a solid scientific basis for exposure, hazard and risk assessment. Extended experience is available on exposure measurements and on the use of in vitro technologies for hazard assessment of chemicals and small particles, and this know-how and experimental methods are currently applied in the field of nanotoxicology.

In this way, VITO assists companies in the responsible development of high-added value nanotech products and processes, taking into account health and safety aspects.

VITO Flemish Institute for Technological Research
Boeretang 200
2400 MOL (Belgium)
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