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CAN Cosmetic
New compounds for cosmetic products

Manipulation of nanostructures formed by self-organization of polymer chains is one of the main fields of interest within CAN. In-house development of thickeners for water and oil based personal care cosmetics products has already been done.

Furthermore, in polymeric based nanostructures (e.g. micelles and vesicles) drugs, nutrients, dyes and flavors can be encapsulated and used as carrier systems. For this purpose biocompatible homo and block copolymers are routinely synthesized and characterized within CAN.

CAN knowledge in the field of nanoparticle and polymer synthesis, their modification and combining opens up large opportunities for developing special nanoparticle – polymer based systems. The special procedures developed within CAN enable the nanoparticle surface modification and variation of their properties in such manner that they can be used for different systems. Such systems will be specially developed for applications in personal care products, e.g. deodorants, hair care products etc..

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Centrum für Angewandte Nanotechnologie (CAN) GmbH
Grindelallee 117
20146 Hamburg (Deutschand)
Homepage: http://www.can-hamburg.de/

Dr. Thomas Frahm
Phone: 0049-40-42838-7194
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