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Deerac™ Liquid Handling Systems
Deerac systems provide solutions for miniaturization of assays used in life science research applications including genomics, drug discovery, proteomics and diagnostics. They are the standard for high speed, low volume assay assembly.

Our application focus areas include genomic assay assembly for medium and high throughput DNA sequencing, genotyping and PCR, as well as HTS applications including assay development, high throughput screening (HTS), cell dispensing and bead dispensing. Our technology is also used to print protein arrays on various substrates.

Deerac systems provide high speed, low volume non-contact dispensing based on proprietary magnetic feedback control (MFC) technology. MFC technology provides non-contact dispensing of reagents and samples across a very broad range of volumes used in laboratories Deerac systems include the GX series for aspirate and dispense, and the LX series for reagent dispensing.

Applications Overview

The GX Series and LX series products provide the necessary functionality and liquid handling properties to meet the most demanding requirements Some of these properties are as follows:

A wide liquid handling volume range that can meet current volume requirements and provide the platform to miniaturize assays immediately or at some stage in the future.
Low cost of ownership. The return on investment after purchase can be realized in a short time period.

High data quality. The precision and accuracy of Deerac products at volumes from 50 nL-20 µL are outstanding.
Ease of use. Deerac has designed simple, easy to use bench-top systems with intuitive software or touch screen controls to enable a very effective approach to automated liquid handling.

Exceptional functionality. Through simple software control features coupled to the unique Deerac MFC technology, Deerac products provide a wide range of dispensing flexibility that can be used for developing assays. Customers now have a tool that can be used in optimizing and validating even the most complex of assays in a short time interval, something previously difficult to achieve with other liquid handling instruments.

Deerac™ GX Series
Save Money, Increase Throughput
The Labcyte® Deerac™ GX Series systems provide high-speed, low-volume non-contact dispensing based on the proprietary Magnetic Feedback Control. These systems are particularly well-suited for preparation of low volume genomics assays. They are high precision eight and one channel pipetting instruments designed to dispense valuable reagents used in wide range of genomic applications.

The systems can be configured to dispense into one or two well plates as well as having multiple reagent reservoirs and wash stations for adding amplification enzymes or DNA depending on the customer requirements.
The Deerac HTS system meets the needs of high throughput labs using automated plate handling robots or stackers.

The Deerac GX8 is typically used for medium throughput genomic applications which do not require use of a plate handling robot or stacker for plate transfers.
The Deerac GX1 provides an entry level into high-speed, low-volume, non-contact dispensing and is suited to niche or low throughput genomic applications.

Deerac System Benefits

Wide volume range 50nL to 50µL
Applications in Sequencing and Genotyping for additions as low as 250nL.

Low dead volume. The 8 channel pipettor provides a very low dead volume in comparison to other 8, 96 or 384 head devices.

High throughput capability.
With an aspirate capability of 8mls in total, a large number of wells can be filled per aspirate cycle.

The Deerac genomics systems can also be integrated with a wide array of stackers and other robotic equipment for full walk away automation.
FastWash mechanism allows for rapid washing of dispense tips.
Disposable reservoirs enable easy exchange of mixes or reagents.
Non contact dispense of reagents eliminates cross contamination and reduces washing steps thus improving efficiency and throughput.

Simple software package. Spot-station software is intuitive and easy to use and set up time is in minutes.
Independent channel control enables gradient dispensing and multi- reagent dispensing. Excellent tool for developing assays for scaling up or down by using concentration gradients. All controlled through software.

Spotting of liquids. Software functionality enables liquids to be spotted in patterns onto flat surface for arraying or multiplex assays.

Any well, Any volume

The PlateMap Function in the Deerac control package enables users to specify volumes to be placed into individual wells of a target plate according to their needs. A predefined dispense pattern may be imported from a file or input directly into a spot station method.

The Platemap feature has many benefits for the user:

Complex or non-linear dispense patterns can be easily accomplished
Selected wells can be skipped saving on reformatting steps
Volume gradients and backfill operations can be easily performed – a great tool for assay development.

Please visit our Webpage for additional information and application details with Drug Discovery, Genomics, Imaging Mass Spectrometry and Business Development

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