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POD™ 810 Plate Assembler
The POD™ 810 plate assembler, a walk-away, out-of-the-box solution, transforms your Echo® liquid handler into a Plate-On-Demand instrument. Unlike other integrated systems, the POD is controlled by our unique intellectual scheduler —an event-based scheduler that prioritizes tasks according the needs of the Echo and makes on-the-fly scheduling decisions to maximize use of all hardware components. The POD rapidly and efficiently executes many applications, including plate reformatting, cherry picking and dose-response set-ups.

The POD plate assembler extends our unmatched expertise in acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) and accommodates any of the Echo 500 series liquid handlers.

Anyone can be a POD power user
Simple user interface allows you to easily create and edit protocols based on your application needs. No software programming or lengthy scripting is needed when you change your research methods.
Configurable email notifications keep you updated on run status in real time.
Easy-to-learn user interface enables you to start using the system immediately to increase your productivity.

Reliable hardware ensures higher productivity

Automatic runtime verifications confirm the hardware configuration for each integrated device before the run starts, and verify that plate resources are present and available
Industrial SCARA 4-axis robotic arm handles plates reliably at high speed for faster plate delivery and retrieval
Reliable hardware reduces runtime interactions or costly system downtime

Simple Error Recovery

Reset any device error and restart the specific task, bypass specific tasks and continue with the run, or suspend the run and execute the next run in queue.
Minimize downtime and maximize throughput

High Throughput Secondary Screening - 1400 Dose-Response Curves Per Hour

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