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Portrait® 630 Spotter
Introducing the Portrait® 630 spotter— the latest award-winning innovation from Labcyte Inc., the experts in acoustic droplet ejection! The Portrait 630 spotter is a fully automated non-contact, nozzle-free acoustic droplet ejection system optimized to deposit MALDI matrix and other reagents onto tissue sections and other samples for precision MALDI imaging mass spectrometry. Precise and flexible spot-on-spot positioning and timing enable sequential reaction chemistry and improve crystal formation, yielding higher quality, more sensitive, and more reproducible mass spectra.

Fast, Flexible and Precise Reagent Spotting
The Portrait 630 reagent multi-spotter gives you control over your experiments. The system accommodates a wide range of reagent types, including MALDI matrix solutions, buffers, surfactants and more. With ADE there are no nozzles to clog, so you can use even the highest concentrations of crystallizing agents.

One cycle of one droplet per spot takes less than two minutes
Accommodates both glass and metal targets in a variety of sizes from most of the major mass spectrometer vendors, as well as standard glass microscope slides.
A full-color CCD imaging system captures images of stained or unstained tissue so that you can indicate exactly where you want to apply reagents and matrix.
User-defined spotting patterns allow you to draw grids for whole tissue mapping, or scatter patterns to indicate individual spot locations for protein profiling.
User adjustable deposition volume, cycle repeats, droplet and cycle timing allow you to optimize the results for different tissue types and experiments, including in situ enzyme reactions, MALDI matrix deposition, and more. Create different biochemical conditions on different areas of the sample, or perform biochemical reactions by applying reagents sequentially to the same locations. Optimize experimental conditions in a single step.

Superior positional precision
Allows drop-on-drop applications such as enzyme digest followed by MALDI matrix
Allows selective specification of target area that is not possible with spray methods
No clogging, even at high matrix and solvent concentrations

Better results
Higher signal-to-noise ratio
More detectable peaks
Better reproducibility

Target sizes (metal or glass): 123x81 mm, 75x25 mm, 44-47 mm2, 57 mm2, 55x41 mm
Droplet volume: 170 pL
Droplet deposition rate: user-adjustable up to 200 droplets/sec
Spotting speed: <2 min for 1 cycle of 1 droplet per spot over approximately 1 cm2
Spot-on-spot positional precision: ±40 µm, ±20 µm with included software offset correction
Imaging system: white light with full-color CCD camera, 80 or 20 µm pixel resolution, user-adjustable integration time
File export format: CSV and XML

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