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Echo® Liquid Handling Systems
[ADE] Acoustic Droplet Ejection Enables Assay Miniaturization to Improve Results and Reduce Costs

Echo® 500 series liquid handlers enable assay miniaturization with the routine use of higher density, lower well-volume microwell plates. Using truly touchless acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) technology, Echo systems provide more precise and more accurate results for a wide range of life science applications. Transfer fluids from as many as 640,000 wells per day with this unique technology. With three models to choose from, the Echo™ 500 series liquid handlers bring the power of ADE to labs with a wide range of life science applications and needs.

The Echo® 500 series liquid handlers are optimized to transfer many different fluids, including aqueous solutions and DMSO. These systems use ADE to transfer any volume as low as
2.5 nL among 384- and 1536-well microplates, with any-well-to-any-well capability. Echo liquid handlers also automatically measure the depth of fluid in each source well, providing the user with important information about the quantity and quality of samples in the source plates. Our patented acoustic control methodologies, exacting mechanical design and stringent temperature control ensure that all Echo systems deliver the same unsurpassed volumetric precision and accuracy specifications.

All Echo systems come pre-calibrated. With the simple and intuitive GUI you can become productive immediately. All models accommodate both manual and robotic loading, and are easily integrated into large-scale automated workstations.

All Echo 500 series liquid handlers feature:

Touchless transfer operation. No tips, no nozzles and no pin tools means no cross-contamination and no waste
Dispense from 2.5 to 10,000 nL (depending upon source plate)
Transfer to as many as 640,000 individual wells/day
Transfer a wide range of fluids
Upgradable to add new functionality as your needs change
Droplet volume precision: CV< 8% guaranteed for Echo qualified source plates

Please visit our Webpage for additional information and application details with Drug Discovery, Genomics, Imaging Mass Spectrometry and Business Development

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