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CAN tox
CAN GmbH is developing various standardized in vitro toxicity assays (1,2) for nanoparticles. A key feature is the systematic variation of nano particle size, shape and surface properties (3) and determination of the respective influence on interactions with human tissue (4). CAN GmbH has therefore established test facilities with a variety of cell lines from the skin, respiratory system and bowel. The experimental setup also includes advanced confocal microscopy techniques (5) as well as high throughput screening (6) and electron microscopy imaging.
This research area includes generation of a database to allow correlation of biological features (e.g. toxicity and cellular uptake) with structural and chemical properties of the particles. Ultimately, the combination of broad synthetic expertise and the generated biological data will lead to straightforward developments, such as innovative nanoparticle-based biological markers for molecular imaging.

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Centrum für Angewandte Nanotechnologie (CAN) GmbH
Grindelallee 117
20146 Hamburg (Deutschand)
Homepage: http://www.can-hamburg.de/

Dr. Thomas Frahm
Phone: 0049-40-42838-7194
Fax: 0049-40-42838-5797