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NVision 40 Argon Ion Beam Option
The unique supreme milling capability of the NVision40 CrossBeam® workstation provides the solution to ultra high quality transmission electron microscopy sample preparation.

Rapidly prepare site specific TEM samples under high resolution live imaging control based on the advanced zeta focused ion beam column and unique GEMINI® FESEM technology. For highest demands in ultra high resolution TEM results simply add a final polishing step using the low energy Argon ion beam option.

Leverage on the power of speed and precision uniquely combined in a single instrument.

Ultra high resolution FESEM imaging based on the unique GEMINI® column concept
Rapid milling with best-in-class zeta focused ion beam column
Compositional information with the ultra high efficiency EsB detector
Ultra high quality sample preparation with the optimised low energy Argon ion plasma gun
High resolution live imaging control during FIB and Argon ion beam operation
Ease-of use by a common beam coincident point
Advanced deposition and etching employing the single nozzle multi channel gas injection system

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