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NVision 40
NVision 40 - The New and Powerful Combination of FIB and GEMINI® Column

The NVision 40 CrossBeam® workstation units the imaging and analytical capabilities of the high resolution field emission GEMINI® SEM with the high performance SIINT zeta FIB column. Together with the new SIINT GIS supporting liquid, solid state and gaseous precursors as well as gas mixing technology and carbon free SiO2 deposition the NVision 40 represents a powerful tool for 3D nanoscale high resolution imaging, structuring and analytics. The NVision 40 features a dome type chamber design and a pendulumn vibration insulation system for enhanced stability. Numerous access ports for various detectors (EDS, EBSD, STEM, 4QBSO) as well as sample manipulation and probing systems ensure full support for all your analytical and micromanipulation needs. These versatile features and flexible upgrade possibilities make the NVision 40 a highly valuable platform for your todays and future nanotechnology needs.

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