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The Carl Zeiss ORION® PLUS Helium ion microscope is a dramatic new break-through in microscopy, delivering images with never-before seen ultra-high resolution and material contrast, with five times better depth of field.

The ZEISS ORION® PLUS microscope is based on the revolutionary, atomic-sized, ALIS gas field ion source.

Image of the atoms at the end of the source tip emitting helium ions. Since each atom can be individually seen, the virtual source size must be much smaller.

The ALIS scanning ion microscope uses a beam of helium ions as the imaging particles. Since ions can be focused into a smaller probe size and have less sample interaction than electrons, the ALIS microscope can generate higher resolution images with more material contrast so more detail can be seen. We expect to be able to see things much smaller than we have ever been able to see with even the most sophisticated scanning electron microscope (SEM).

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