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Versatile Analytical TEM Workhorse

To match the increased demands in revealing structural and 3-D information of beam sensitive or frozen hydrated samples at a nano scale the LIBRA®120 PLUS now offers a completely redesigned vacuum system setting new benchmarks. Upgrade paths together with a highly flexible detector concept make this energy filtering TEM an extremely versatile tool for a broad range of applications requiring ease of use and high specimen throughput.

The integrated Koehler Illumination System guarantees minimum beam damage, reproducible illumination conditions, permanently homogeneous and strictly parallel beam with exactly quantifiable dose rates.

Invented by ZEISS, this concept is recognized as state of the art for light and electron microscopes.

The life-time factory aligned in-column OMEGA energy filter improves image contrast by completely eliminating
chromatic aberrations. It provides a seamless integration and extends the LIBRA®120 PLUS to a fully analytical TEM enabling STEM, EDS, ESI and EELS.

Whatever information is in your sample, the LIBRA®120 PLUS will make it visible.
In-column OMEGA energy filter
Koehler Illumination System
Patented Automatic Illumination System (AIS) for maximum flexibility
Open detector strategy
Completely dry vacuum system (TMP based)
Flexible upgrade path for detectors and vacuum system

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