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SIGMA - Affordable Analysis centered on GEMINI® Technology

The SIGMA, featuring GEMINI® technology provides outstanding imaging and analytical results from a field emission microscope with the capability to handle all material types.

GEMINI® is established as the market leading Field Emission design offering unrivalled ease of use, superb low voltage imaging and ultra stable probe currents for analytical applications.

Materials analysis at high resolution is provided by the class leading X-ray geometry for both energy (EDS) and
wavelength dispersive spectroscopy (WDS).

The SIGMA can handle specimens of up to 250mm diameter and 145 mm tall. Furthermore, the coplanar chamber design provides the ideal geometry for simultaneous EDS and electron backscattered diffraction EBSD).

Whatever the imaging challenges the SIGMA will make it visible.

Peerless ease of use
Unsurpassed imaging at low beam energy
Class leading X-ray and analytical geometry

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