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EVO® LS and MA
Driven by applications

The EVO® series SEM has evolved to provide users in Materials Analysis and Life Science with microscopes designed to match their needs. Both microscopes series share some key features.
Key features
Class leading x-ray geometry
Class leading secondary electron imaging in variable pressure
High brightness LaB6 source option
Clean pumping technology with fast pumpdown
High repeatability stage with large stage movements

The EVO® MA 10, EVO® MA 15 and EVO® MA 25 microscopes provide, as standard, the capability to use variable pressure (VP) operation.

The EVO® LS 10, EVO® LS 15 and EVO® LS 25 microscopes are environmental SEMs providing, as standard, the capability to prevent dehydration artefacts in the microscopy of life science specimens.

The EVO® MA and LS series ensures the perfect solution to every application requirement.

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