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COHERENT – Superior Reliability & Performance

Since its foundation as a laser manufacturer in 1966, Coherent Inc. has become the technology and market leader in a number of areas. The company, which is headquartered in California, has R&D and manufacturing facilities at a number of locations around the world – in Europe these are in Germany and Great Britain. A global service and sales network supports customers in both industry and science.

Coherent provides solutions for fields such as microelectronics, machining, medical and instrumentation. These range from the edge isolation of solar cells through key processes in the manufacturing of flat panel displays to the machining of plastics for the automotive industry. In addition to a wide range of laser sources, Coherent also offers leading-edge beam forming and beam guidance systems as well as laser beam measurement and control equipment.
In science, the name Coherent has become a synonym for superior performance at the limit of the viable.

Coherent offers a wide range of different laser sources, e.g.

• CO2 lasers for marking of food packaging or marking of circuit boards

• Diode pumped solid-state lasers for ID card marking

• Diode lasers and optical components for plastic welding

• Excimer lasers for LASIK or flat panel display production

• Fiber based industrial lasers for micromachining

• Ultrashort pulse lasers for a number of scientific applications

Coherent works closely together with integrators and end users to provide high-performance photonics solutions for a wide-range of applications.
Advanced laser technology enables new ground to be broken as well as providing the basis for increased productivity.

COHERENT (Deutschland) GmbH
Dieselstr. 5 b
D-64807 Dieburg
Tel. +49 – (0) 6071 – 968 – 0
Fax +49 – (0) 6071 – 968 – 499

www.coherent.de; www.coherent.com

PR Manager Europe: petra.wallenta@coherent.com

Coherent GmbH
Dieselstr. 5b
64807 Dieburg (Deutschland)
Homepage: http://www.coherent.de