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Instant Cells: Validated for patch clamp electrophysiology
Instant Cells are frozen recombinant ion channel cell lines for immediate use.
The Instant Cells are validated in regards to performance, accuracy and quality. Cytocentrics designed this innovative cell culture kit to simplify the day-to-day cell handling procedure necessary for ion channel screening. It enables researchers to work with frozen cells possessing a constant and equal high quality. The convenient kit with frozen Instant Cells offers highest flexibility: the cells are ready-to-use within just 15 minutes. No time-consuming cultivation of the cells is required - researchers can immediately start with their assays.


1.) Reliable: Every cell batch is electrophysiologically validated. No variations in ionic current expression rate.

2.) Time Savings: Cells are ready-to-use in less than 15 minutes after unfreezing.

3.) Cost Savings: Cell culture is not required.

4.) Quality Assurance: Each lot is tested in terms of seal rate, current amplitude,
rundown and stability in whole cell mode.

The lnstant Cells Kit includes:
- Caps with stably transfected hERG-HEK 293 cells or Nav1.5-CHO cells.
- Intracellular solution.
- Extracellular solution.
- QA certificate.

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