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hERG Safety Screening
Cytocentrics AG offers highly qualitative and reliable in-vitro screening for interactions between drug candidates and hERG ion channels. Cytocentrics AG uses the whole cell patch clamp technique to generate concentration-response data of drug candidates blocking the hERG ion channels. Cytocentrics performs all data with conventional and automated patch clamp (Dynaflow™, CytoPatch™ ).

Assay specifications include:
- High qualitative whole cell patch clamp recordings
- from HEK293 cells expressing the hERG ion channel.
- Determination of IC50 from hERG tail currents.
- Repetitive measurements for each compound concentration.
- Positive and negative control experiments using reference compounds.
- hERG trafficking interference.
- Screening in GLP and non-GLP environment.
- Assay adaptation to client requirements.
- Full scientific review and QA report.

Cytocentrics AG
Joachim-Jungius-Str. 9
18059 Rostock (Deutschland)
Homepage: http://www.cytocentrics.com/de/

Dr. Christa Nutzhorn
Phone: +49 (0) 381 4059-640
Fax: +49 (0) 381 4059-647