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Cell Reservoir
The Cell Reservoir is a storage device for suspended cells. It preserves the cells in a non-clustered state and at a high vitality for four hours (>90% trypanblue vitality test).

Range of applications: Single cells for biological assays with high demands for an intact cell membrane, e.g. automated and manual patch clamp, flowcytometry and
fluorescence based cell assays.

Installation: The Cytocentrics Cell Reservoir works standalone and needs no further installation procedure. It comes with predefined cell maintenance programms for various cell lines.

Equipment supplied:
- 1 x Cell Reservoir
- 1 x USB cable
- 2 x Teflon-bowls
- Pipet tips
- Software

Cytocentrics AG
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18059 Rostock (Deutschland)
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Dr. Christa Nutzhorn
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