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Nano Concept® Pane Fit sealing
NanoConcept® Pane Fit sealing is a 2 component glass medium of the fashionable Nanotechnology produced for the higher requirements of human being and environment. Water will peel off a car window already by a speed of 60 till 70 km/ h after using the sealing, so using the windscreen wiper is not necessary. Insects, ice or any other dingage will not get a wash primer and will be alot easier to remove. Our NanoConcept® pane sealing was tested under hardest terms for UV resistance, rubbing resistance, pane wash and frost protection agent. The good results from the test carries our TÜV certificate, our sealing got an acknowledge effiecienty certificate. NanoConcept pane sealing is jarring to conventional products free off silicone, oil, acryl or teflon, what gives our product a prolonged effect (1 year or 30.000 km). For a windscreen you need about 5 till 15 ml Nano sealing, against products like silicone which need about 100 ml and will loose the effect already after 14 days. The NanoConcept pane sealing tenders an excellent easy workmanship without any streaks or fogs.
Application effects:
- The coating material is an ultra thin vitreous sealing, only visible under a microscope.
- Rain, snow and dust will stick less on the windscreen and pearl off by a speed of around 60 till 80 km/h.
- Alot better vision during rain.
- The water dismissal will increase your personal security.
- Less dazzling and a better vision at night time due to the pearl off effect.
- Appropriate for car washes and steam – jet air ejector. The sealing is very resistant.
- Insect remains can be removed a lot more easy.
- Cost saving by pane resource supplement and wiper blade wearout.
- No optical changes visible on the top.

Application quantity:
About 5 till 15 ml per sqm²,

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63452 Hanau, Industriegebiet Nord (Deutschland)
Homepage: http://www.nanoconcept.de