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ADDO (R) - Additive to engine oils
NanoDiamond / NanoGraphite – based motor oil additives, are the result of the latest developments in Nanotechnology. They reduce the fuel consumption (up to 12%), friction and wear; reinforce the inner motor surfaces and recondition the motor.

- Cures micro- and nano-defects on a surface and leads to the atomic roughness;
- Impregnates metallic surfaces, increases their hardness and wear resistance;
- Improves the motor: decreases dry friction by keeping a thin oil layer on the motor surfaces also at higher loads;
- Nanographite particles work as eco-friendly dry lubricant and reduces friction and wear.

ADDO is a unique additive with the following advantages:

1. Efficiency of ADDO remains for many tens of thousands kilometers, also after an oil change;
2. ADDO reinforces surfaces of the motor;
3. Eco-, catalyzer- and engine friendly – ADDO contains only carbon, and does not contain metals, sulfides and other harmful substances;
4. NanoDiamonds adsorb ionic and molecular products of abrasion, so that the rubbing surface remains clean.

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