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Nanoflex Windshield
Nanoflex® WINDSHIELD is especially sutialbe for windshields. Water simply pearls away and is
blown off by the wind while driving. Visibility under rain, mist and fog is greatly improved with this
coating, the use and wear on windshield wipers is also greatly decreased. Dirt, insects and ice
can be removed much easier.
No influence on the appearance of the windshield
Much improved visibility for the driver, especially at night
Simple insect removal
Enormous abrasion-resistance
Excellent hydro- and oleophobic characteristics
Simple application by polishing with a paper towel
Short drying time.
High-pressure/steam-cleaning resistant
Excellent efficiency with low consumption.
High temperature-resistance
Absolute frost-resistance
UV stable
Nanoflex® WINDSHIELD is ready-to-use and can be applied directly to the surface, creating a
few nanometer thin, very chemically and mechanically resistant layers of SiO2 coating.

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