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Nanoxid's SLS
Nanoxid sprl. is a manufacturer of thin (1-3 µm) nanocoatings, so called sol-gels, for industry.
Our sol-gels come in all colors as well as in a clear transparent version.
Typical characteristics are:
- thin layer
- increased hardness
- easy to clean (esp. for brushed stainless steel)
- increased corrosion resistance
- cold, metallic surface feel
- tested for use in kitchen environment
For more information, please visit our website: www.nanoxid.com

Nanoxid sprl. - member of the MATRIO GROUP SA
Rue des Alouettes, 1
4042 Liers (Belgium)
Homepage: http://www.nanoxid.com

Molz Michael
Phone: +49 6834 78 20 231
Fax: +49 6834 78 20 232