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NanoBeam nB3
The NanoBeam nB3 is designed for high throughput, especially to meet the demands of small volume production of semiconductor devices. It combines 55MHz beam deflection, fast beam settling, outstanding mechanical rigidity and fast stage moves to produce high yields in mix-and-match lithography and direct write applications.

The unique electron optical column has low electron-electron interaction effects allowing smaller beam sizes at larger beam currents. It can consistently achieve sub-10nm features with a beam current as high as 5nA. nB3’s true 0.31nm accuracy is accomplished with a high speed 20-bit DAC and ultimate low noise electronics (<3ppm).

The nB3 boasts a small footprint of 6m2, excellent resistance to stray field up to 700nT, advanced stage tracking to compensate for floor vibration, and low power dissipation. As a result, it has low cleanroom requirements, and several machines may operate in the same cleanroom with no impact on results.

As a dedicated lithography tool, nB3 has features such as dual-deflection, conjugate blanking and full automation in beam calibration and correction, and wafer handling, which distinguishes it from converted SEM lithography tools. Its modern architecture requires fewer mechanical and electronic components, which greatly improves productivity and lowers maintenance requirements.

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NanoBeam Limited
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CB1 3HD Cambridge (UK)
Homepage: http://www.nanobeam.co.uk/