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EUV und XUV Strahlungsquellen
Bruker ASC offers a wide spectrum of high brilliance and high power gas discharge sources.
Our XUV-Lamps provide flexible, fast, safe, reliable, easy and cost effective access to XUV, EUV and soft X-ray radiation to R&D Labs. Many options on
power, spectral distribution, automation
and interface solutions are available.
XUV-Lamps can be operated with various
gases and at different pulse energies, for tuning spectral emission characteristics and source sizes.
Beyond that, we routinely adapt XUVLamps
to customer specific demands for
which we provide engineering, proof-of principle studies and tests. The usability is extended with our scope of solutions in spectral filtering, vacuum windows, monitors and beam-forming optics.

Bruker Advanced Supercon GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 1
51429 Bergisch-Gladbach ()
Homepage: http://www.bruker-est.com/about-basc-gmbh.html

Dr. Lebert Rainer
Phone: 0241 8906 141 bzw. 02204 84 3850
Fax: 0241 8906 121 bzw. 02204 84 5001