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Characterisation of thin insulating layers
Thin, so called high-k, layers are used in the semiconductor industry as insulation and barrier layers. ALD processes are used more and more in the manufacturing of these layers with a thickness in the range of 3 to 10 nm. The process parameters are influencing the homogeneity and the thickness of the layer and determine whether it is closed.
Tascon offers analytical support and extensive experience with issues in R&D, Quality insurance and process optimisation as a specialised laboratory for surface and nanoanalysis.
Typical issues from the field of thin layers are:
— Determination of the average layer thickness
— Average chemical composition of the layer
— Chemical composition of the layer as a function of depth as well as the lateral distribution.
— Closeness of layers (pin-hole denisty)
— Detection of elementary or organic contamination in the layer.

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